How real metal finishes can transform sculpture.

Not so long ago we were asked to repair and transform using our metal finishes, a life-size cast of Christ. When we received the alloy statue it was in pretty tired and worn condition. The original gold paint covering the statue was faded and flaking and fingers and toes were missing. It was in desperate need of a grand makeover to return it to its former glory. 

metal finish
metal finishes


The life-size cast was originally salvaged from the garden of a retired priest in Otford, Kent. It was then safely stored out of public view in the garage of retired Rev John Bailey. Not wanting to let the statue go for scrap, Rev John approached us to discuss the possibilities for its renovation. And using metal finishes in bronze to do this.

metal finishes


An interesting project like this is always a great way of show casing the beauty of a real metal finish. Taking something that appears to have little value anymore. Then transforming it into a vibrant new piece of art or sculpture is very satisfying. And it highlights the versatility of our AM finishes for aesthetic use.

Repair and prepare


Metal finishes
metal finishes


There was a fair bit of work involved to get the cast back to its original state. The initial repairs included making new resin casts to replace the missing fingers and toes. And general filling and surface preparation before the first base coat was applied.



When all repairs were complete, the cast was prepared for bronze coating. Then the coating of real molten bronze (thermal spray) was applied. At this stage the bronze coating doesn’t remotely resemble a solid cast bronze.


It is only with further finishing that the real transformation happens. The additional verdigris detail was then added and a final protective finish applied.

metal finishes bronze
metal finishes bronze
metal finishes bronze

Project Complete

Rev John was very pleased with the renovation. And especially happy that at long last the statue is finally back in the public domain. The statue now resides in the peaceful grounds of a West Kent church. Parishioners are free to visit anytime to use the space around for quiet prayer. It hangs on the original wooden crucifix.

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