Luxury furniture finishes with perfect bespoke style

Luxury furniture finishes

At Chris Bose we create and develop luxury furniture finishes. Because a luxury finish is what marks the difference between high-end bespoke and high street furniture. We believe in offering our clientele the best finishing options possible. So produce tailored finishes that include metallic and decorative custom paint looks.

Luxury furniture finishes


Luxury finishes for furniture – Amazonia the rainforest finish

Amazonia is our lush multi-layered green custom finish. At quick glance Amazonia appears like polished natural stone malachite or jade. But look closer and you’ll see the random swirling pattern has its own character.

This is a custom paint finish that includes Verdigris within its complex makeup. Deep jewel-like tones make this a striking finish, perfect when combined with any of our metal veneers. We apply a final coat of lacquer in either gloss or matt to bring this organic finish to life.

Luxury furniture finishes
The Paisley coffee table with an Amazonia top and a brass finished base.

Brass and Amazonia are perfect partners. They look great together because the rich organic viridian shades are enhanced by the yellow gold of the brass. This combination reflects a luxurious elegance for those looking for a touch of glamour.


Luxury furniture finishes
Apparition console top in amazonia teamed with polished stainless steel.

Metallic furniture finishes

We have a beautiful range of metallic veneers that we use on all our furniture to create individual bespoke looks. The range includes shades in bronze, brass, copper, pewter, blackened steel and verdigris.

Metal has been used in furniture design in various forms for centuries. It may be used for the main structure of a piece or as additional trim and decoration. For us, our luxury furniture finishes are usually as important a feature as the furniture design itself. Because of this they are a key factor of the furniture creation and always in mind when design new pieces.


Luxury Furniture Finishes by Chris Bose
Amazonia and Corten
Luxury Furniture Finishes by Chris Bose
Amazonia and Antique Silver
Luxury Furniture Finishes by Chris Bose
Amazonia and Brass

Above all high-end finishes should reflect quality workmanship and style. And using metallic is a great way of achieving that. Contrasting two shades will certainly add additional luxury harmony. We regularly match two metals side by side for that reason.

Also using finishes with multiple layers will convey a luxurious elegance. Indeed worth noting, metal finishes can even be aged, distressed and polished to match perfectly with other furniture materials. More is more sometimes and a bold finish will almost certainly create a focus.


Luxury furniture finishes
Rose gold bronze; sandcast or polished

Finally all Chris Bose furniture is carefully hand finished using our unique specialist finishes. Contact our office if you have specific decorative requirements and we will do our best to come up with a suitable option.

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