Luxury furniture finishes – Amazonia the rainforest finish

Luxury furniture finishes  – Amazonia

The use of Luxury furniture finishes for furniture design is what marks the difference between high-end bespoke and off-the-shelf high street furniture. At Chris Bose we are constantly developing new specialist finishes that offer a tailored luxury option for our clientele. Luxury finishes that speak style, deliver an appealing decorative alternative.


Luxury Furniture Finishes by Chris Bose
Specialist luxury finishes for furniture.
Amazonia the rainforest finish

Amazonia is a lush multi-layered finish that we exclusively developed and now use on many of our furniture pieces. The organic rich green toned finish is a perfect match when combined with any of our real metal finishes.


Luxury furniture finishes by Chris Bose
Amazonia finish with red/gold flecks by Chris Bose


Our Amazonia finish is one step on from natural Verdigris where the green patina is derived from metal oxidisation. Because of this, these natural tones prove to be perfect partners in the world of finishes. Brass and Amazonia is a particular favourite coupling as the rich organic viridian shades is enhanced by the yellowish gold of the brass. It offers a certain luxurious elegance for those looking for glamourous bling.


Luxury furniture finish by Chris Bose
‘Paisley; coffee table with Amazonia finished tear-drop top and brass finished base.


At quick glance Amazonia appears like natural malachite or jade. But look closer and you will see that the random swirling pattern has its own identity of something new and different. Deep green jewel-like tones make it a striking finish. And with a polished gloss top-coat adds a beautiful finishing touch.


Luxury furniture finish by Chris Bose
Amazonia paint finish on the Apparition console top
Match it with a metal finish

Brass, copper, blackened steel, mirror polished stainless steel etc. are all perfect partners to lush green Amazonia. When the two contrasting finishes are combined – the cool-to-touch metal against the warm gloss Amazonia – a sense of luxurious harmony is found.


Luxury Furniture Finishes by Chris Bose
Amazonia and Corten
Luxury Furniture Finishes by Chris Bose
Amazonia and Antique Silver
Luxury Furniture Finishes by Chris Bose
Amazonia and Brass

All Chris Bose furniture is carefully handmade and finished to create unusual high-speck pieces. Contact our office if you have specific decorative requirements and we will do our best to come up with suitable options and designs.

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