Install a Custom Finished Kitchen Splashback

kitchen Splashback

Artistic Metals have created a new and exciting custom finished kitchen splashback range – designed for easy installation. The custom finish is applied to pre-measured glass or wood panels that fit directly behind the workspace in much the same way as installing glass panels.

Now very much the hub of the home the kitchen is a multi-purpose room. A lot happens in the kitchen of today with not just cooking and eating but socialising and general family living too. Creating a comfortable and stylish space that’s kitchen practical yet great for entertaining from dawn till dusk is the challenge.

Kitchen Splashback

A new custom finished kitchen splashback can dramatically change the way your kitchen looks and feels. Like a feature wall a splashback draws the eye and creates a defined work space.


Kitchen Splashback

If your kitchen is minimal in design with clean lines and smooth surfaces then adding some texture with a custom splashback will inject drama and contrast. And with an infinite choice of colourways any mood can be created.


Kitchen Splashback        Kitchen Splashback

Glass is now a popular alternative to tiles whether coloured or clear. But if you’re looking for something really different with natural form and texture and completely individual then custom-finishing is a great alternative. The custom finish can be applied to the back of clear glass pre-measured panels, the glass then glued into position.

Or wood panels (marine plywood) are used and the finish is applied to the front then polished to resemble glass or vitreous enamel. The polished surface shines with a glass-like appearance but also has depth and tone.


Kitchen Splashback         Kitchen Splashback

Custom finished samples

Artistic Metals have created a range of splashback finishes that include Crush, Rock-face, Sparkle (all available in any colour) and Amazonia (Natural Verdigris). Crush features a random flowing finish, Rock-face a harder edged bolder look and Sparkle incorporates a light sparkle.


Kitchen Splashback          Kitchen Splashback

Amazonia provides a completely organic appearance with viridian/blue tones and random Verdigris finish bringing the natural looking world to your kitchen in a stylish and original way.


Kitchen Splashback          Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen Splashback

Having a new fitted kitchen is one of life’s great pleasures. Beit large or small, contemporary/modern or traditional a new kitchen is born out of dreams. And with the big investment usually made when installing one it pays to get it just right.

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