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At Chris Bose we make bespoke luxury modern furniture that stands out from the crowd.

Clean undulating lines and flowing form is at the core of Chris Bose furniture. Our modern contemporary style has a sculptural feel that shines through in every piece.  Inspiring and appealing to those with a more flamboyant nature.

Beauty and elegance are at the forefront of our design ethos and all our furniture reflects our own distinctive style. Our furniture is designed to deliver striking impact and leave a lasting impression. Each handmade piece is created with care and attention to detail and made to last a lifetime. Quality is of highest importance to us, so great care is taken when handcrafting every individual piece.    

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Chris Bose Furniture Maker

Chris Bose

Chris Bose has been designing and making furniture for many years. His first commissioned work was to design and produce functional tables and chairs for hotels and bars. But with an admiration for good and distinctive furniture design, Chris soon embarked on a journey to design and produce beautiful individual pieces that pushed boundaries and stood out from the crowd.

He has always had a fascination for furniture production with his earliest inspiration coming from first-hand childhood experience. Chris was born in India and lived in Calcutta until his late teens. It was the Indian street scenes of his then home city that left a lasting impression. He often watched metal workers with basic tools, bend shape and produce practical affordable furniture.

Chris is an intuitive designer, always able to find practical solutions when creating each new piece. His enthusiasm for design and production has been the driving force behind creating The Chris Bose range of furniture.

Suna Bose

Working alongside Chris, Suna provides additional input from designing, styling to finishing options. With a background in textile design, Suna brings a creative surface decoration knowledge and keen eye for detail.

Chris Bose contemporary furniture

What our customers say about us…

“The Surf is gorgeous! We are so pleased.” LA March 2017

Really lovely to meet you this morning and thanks again for the gorgeous table.” London, Dec 2016

“The bench is becoming a centre piece, everyone walks over to take another look.” West Sussex, August 2016

“Hi Chris, we love our new coffee tables and they’re perfect in the living room. Thanks for your patience in helping us decide on the right finish.”  Kent, Dec 2015

“I have had so many favourable comments about my wonderfully versatile and hard wearing garden furniture. The detailed artwork of the garden insects makes it unique. I’m absolutely thrilled with it.” Kent, May 2014

“The Apparition looks great in our bathroom. The mottled bronze finish is spot on and completes the look – great.” London, Aug 2013

Our customer base is wide and varied yet has one common connection – a discerning eye and a desire for something different.

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Chris Bose Furniture Maker

Chris Bose Furniture Maker